Chocolate chip pumpkin bread


With fall upon us, my thoughts are on holidays, family, and a pretty impressive “to bake/ make” list. I love the idea of making homemade vanilla extract, DIY chai lattes, trying to bake with real vanilla beans, apple & caramel bread, and baking with pumpkin since it is in season. Last week I made spiced pumpkin creamer with pure pumpkin, maple syrup, cinnamon…

This week I made a couple of loaves of chocolate chip pumpkin bread. I have memories of having desserts baked by my parents. My dad made this homemade coffee cake that actually had a yummy coffee/ espresso flavor. My mom baked many things, including poppy-seed bread and  jam kolache during the holidays. I hope my boy holds on to memories of his mom baking homemade as well.

The pumpkin bread turned out delicious. A must-bake for the fall/ holiday season!

Dry ingredients.

The pumpkin mix made an interesting pattern in my mixing bowl.

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