Twin Flame, Must Read; This is The Key To Getting What You Want

Manifest Twin Flame UNION

All of my Transmissions are Via Unity Consciousness

There is no greater gift than my love for you

I love you


The Twin Flame experience is painful. It’s gut wrenching, confusing and brings you to places that you never knew you could go. Humans outside of this experience, looking in, cannot possibly fathom what the Twin Flame phenomenon entails. They don’t understand why you just can’t get over it. Why you just can’t forget about it. Why you just can’t move on. So we say, do you think that I would be suffering like this if I had the choice? I wish I could forget. I wish I could move on. I wish that I could stop loving this person. I know it sounds pathetic. I know it sounds absurd. I know it makes no sense, but it’s beyond my control. This is the experience. It’s overtaking and powerful. It…

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Key Lime Pie – not so much a pie, more a cheeseless cheesecake


This is not the first time I have mentioned Key Lime Pie, but it is the first time it has taken centre stage. This is not a true Key Lime Pie as I didn’t use Key limes but it really doesn’t matter: it’s just as delicious.

I made it to take to a friend’s house for dessert and it made it there easily in one piece.

Real Key limes are very small and very difficult to juice (which by that description alone makes me wonder if in fact they were…). The first time I made this I used fresh limes and a not very good juicer and what should have taken me a few minutes took forever. This time I was a little wiser and used fresh limes for the zest plus their juice and the rest of the juice came from a bottle. I had also found a really…

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